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Expunge Your Record

Iowa Criminal Record Expungement Company

Clean Up Your Criminal Background

The Iowa Criminal Record Expungement Company is operated by Thompson Law Office in Iowa City. We file expungements for criminal files, such as public intoxication, PAULA, and dismissed charges.

Public Intoxication

All Iowa Public Intoxication – 1st Offense convictions are eligible for expungement as long as the defendant has had no criminal convictions for the two years following the offense.

PAULA Expungement

Defendants are also eligible for expungement of PAULA convictions (also called MIP, or underage alcohol possession) by avoiding all subsequent convictions for two years.

Dismissed & Deferred

Iowa law allows dismissed cases to be expunged as well, but only if they are part of a case which had a successful deferred judgment as part of the plea agreement.

Why Expunge Your Files?

Employment Applications

After all of the hard work you have done getting through school or building your work history, you do not want to be denied a job due to an old criminal conviction.

Housing Applications

When applying for an apartment or other housing, applicants are often denied or questioned based on criminal history.

Piece of Mind

After expungement, you can be assured that no court public records search will show you have been convicted.

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Free Consultation and Case Review

To determine if you have any cases which are eligible for expungement, please give us a call. We will review your Iowa criminal history for free, and determine if we can help. If you wish for us to proceed with an expungement, that is the only time you would be asked to pay.

All 99 Iowa Counties

We take cases in every single Iowa state jurisdiction, whether electronic or traditionally filed.

Easy Credit Card Payments

We accept payment by credit card over the phone, so we can get started on your case immediately.

Guaranteed Results

If for any reason your case is not expunged from the Court’s database, your fee will be refunded in full. There is absolutely no risk.

Flat Fees

For expungement of a criminal charge, our flat rate is $250 per case. No hidden fees or hourly rates. Any additional cases for the same defendant are expunged at half price.

Why Choose Us?

The Iowa Criminal Record Expungement Company is part of the highly rated Thompson Law Office of Iowa City. Our 10+ years of experience in criminal law and 1,000+ successful cases attest to our dedication and expertise. Give us a call and let us get started on your case today.